George Soros launches Super PAC for 2020 with $5.1 million donation

George Soros, Jewish-Hungarian-American billionaire commits to spending heavily on US 2020 elections as a donor for the Democratic party. He recently announced that he created the Democracy PAC (Political Action Committee) and already funded it with over $5 million.

In 2016, Soros spent over 20 million dollars to support Democratic politics. Like we know, it didn't help the cause that much, as the opposite candidate, Donald Trump won the 2016 elections.

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But for the 2020 elections, Soros may spend even more than he spent in 2016. His recent donation of $5 million was the biggest single donor as for now, for the 2020 cycle.

And to the elections, it's a still kind of long way. When asked if he supports any particular Democratic candidate for the primary, Soros replied that he prefers to avoid it, as it "divides the Democratic Party".

So while it's unsure who he actually supports as the Democratic candidate, his philanthropic activities are well-known in various countries.

Soros donated more than $32 billion (yes, you read it right) to his philanthropic agency called Open Society Foundations. It's main purpose? Sponsor civil society awareness and groups around the world and advance justice, education, public health, and independent media. At least this is what its status says.

George Soros is hated by many and accused of diverse actions against the countries and their governments. And he is kind of easy scapegoat, actually. He is absolutely rich, he is old, he does his money in the financial world, he has Jewish origin, and he is not afraid to speak out his mind. He is hated and disliked equally by many "rebels of justice" and "truth seekers,", just like some governments.

Especially the governments, that don't like the idea of open society and civil rights that much. Russia, Hungary, Turkey – these countries have one thing in common.

They are all far away from the democratic rule, they don't respect civil liberties, they lead the rankings in government corruption, and they all banned Soros' foundations' activities. It's also worth noting that Soros started his philanthropic activities by giving scholarships to black South Africans during the apartheid, and it was in 1979.

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