Georgia mayoral event is for 'Black Press Only' - whites and others not allowed in

I thought segregation ended many years ago? Why are the organizers of this mayoral race event only allowing 'black press only' to enter, and not letting anyone else in? This all takes place down in Georgia at the Bolton Street Baptist Church and the signs appeared on the front doors of the church according to Fox News.

The event was held by Re. Clarence Teddy Williams and it seems like he has some explaining to do.


Fox News stated that "at least two black reporters and the publisher of a local African-American newspaper were allowed inside, the Savannah Morning News reported. Television crews were also prohibited from entering. Williams did not return Fox News’ request for comment, but an advertisement for the meeting on the Facebook of the Trigon Group, a consulting firm Williams’ owners, states that the event is for “Black Media ONLY!”

Van Johnson is a Savannah city councilman. He attended the 'black press only' event. He's one of the three black mayoral candidates running right now. He stated that he wanted a progressive and inclusive Savannah, but the guy was just at a "black press only" event which seems quite the opposite of inclusive and certainly isn't progressive.

He told WTOC-TV that “It’s not my meeting. Again, I was asked to come give a statement, and so I came and I gave a statement" when he was asked about it being for "black press only."

Instead of standing up for what's right, he went to the event and then blew off the question instead of being honest about his thoughts on it being segregated.

Van Johnson took this to another level and posted the following statement on Facebook:

I was invited as a 2019 Savannah Mayoral Candidate to give a candidacy statement to a gathering of African American community leaders. I accepted this invitation as an opportunity to share my vision for a progressive Savannah, as I have with business, civic, labor, neighborhood, veteran, political, Latino/Hispanic and LGBTQ groups in private and public settings.
I did not coordinate or schedule this event and did not participate in any of the discussions beyond giving my statement. 
I was made aware that the organizers restricted this event to "Black Media" only. I chose to give my statement as scheduled and afterwards made myself available to the media gathered outside. I have expressed my concerns to the organizers of this event as my history of service in this community has ALWAYS been one of inclusion, of partnership and of communication. 
While this decision of this group is unfortunate, I work toward the day when we trust each other enough to be inclusive in all of our gatherings. 
Savannah must be open for everyone and as Mayor, I hope to lead that effort.

His statement is basically a "don't blame me, blame them" but he could have skipped the event and requested it to be open to all.

I guess he doesn't practice what he preaches when it comes to inclusiveness.

Oh well.

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