Geraldo Rivera is quite infamous and probably wealthy. He can go anywhere and do anything. But he was subtle one night when he spent New Year's Eve at a local bar with his family in Colorado. It wasn't a vast extravagant thing, just a good old-fashioned good time and people enjoyed themselves to ring in the new year.

Geraldo Rivera is mostly known for his talk show Geraldo that ran for 11 years from the late 80s to the late 90s. He was born in New York, raised Jewish, and before he got famous for his talk show, he was actually an attorney. After his talk show career, he started working for Fox News as a war correspondent in 2001, increasing his fame. Today, he hosts the radio show Geraldo Show every weekday, and he appears in some celebrity events from time to time, and yet, with all this fame, he decided to go to a local bar with his family.

During his time at the bar, he was having a great time, continually tweeting his events and wishing everyone the best wishes as well as a happy New Year. He said that people at the bar were buying not drinks only for themselves, but for everyone else as well. While celebrating, he managed to meet the owner of the bar.

While having a nice chat with him, he discovered something unusual, and that is that the Trump’s tax cut has a very positive outcome. The barkeeper said that because of the recent tax cuts, he can now employ additional workers, and he asked him if he could thank Donald Trump in his name.

Geraldo did as the man asked and tweeted his regards to Trump. A lot of people were unsure what kind of impact the tax cut and the job act is going to put on America, but we can safely say that things are going to improve a lot for people who are looking for work.

If you ever look at celebrities and wonder if you are ever going to meet them in person, don’t give your hopes up. You might meet them in a local bar during a party, just like many met Geraldo Rivera during his search for an excellent local party.

Posted on January 12, 2018 in News and filed under Geraldo Rivera, Donald Trump.
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