Ghislaine maxwell fought with accusers over Jeffrey Epstein

Ghislaine Maxwell, disgraced US financier Jeffrey Epstein’s rumoured muse, has gone through many lengths against accusations of her being a co conspirator on the Epstein’s trafficking schemes. To prove that, she has a hundred pages of legal documents laid bare for analysis.

These documents are against the defamation case brought by Virginia Giuffre, who accuses Maxwell of being instrumental in grooming her to become a part of Epstein’s trafficking network. Maxwell denies all allegations.


Since the death of Epstein, both lawyers and victims alike, have switched their attention to the deceased financier’s associates, especially Maxwell, whose whereabouts are intensely scrutinized.

The documents provided by Maxwell and her defense team shows how her dispute with Giuffre’s claims all ended up in a court settlement.

The court papers reveal Giuffre’s personal relationships, medical history, work and education. They claim that the views of the law enforcement officials back then were misquoted and incriminating testimonies from staff and witnesses were dismissed.


However, in Giuffre’s employment records that contained her working both as a waitress and at the animal hospital, were submitted in court in a bid to prove she could not have been Epstein’s “sex slave” as she was employed full time. Her school attendance was also submitted to the US court, contesting her claims when she was at the mansion.

Maxwell’s defense team declared that there were no evidence found against Maxwell in the original investigation done about a decade ago. They’ve stated that Detective Joseph Recarey, who led the investigation back then, had failed to uncover any evidence that Ms Maxwell was involved in Epstein’s acts of pedophilia, grooming and sexual trafficking.

Though Maxwell’s team had tried to distance her and Giuffre, the accounts of having shared 23 flights with one another were undermined by the produced flight logs.

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