Ghislaine Maxwell spotted at Chelsea Clinton's wedding, but Clinton disputes claim they were friends

Chelsea Clinton has disputed claims that she and Ghislaine Maxwell were close friends. However, a report by Politico suggests otherwise. Maxwell also attended Chelsea Clinton's wedding, went on a yacht vacation with her, and was even part of the Clinton Global Initiative in 2013, which was years after Jeffery Epstein was accused.

The excerpt from Politico's report paints quite a different picture than Clinton is suggesting.

It said:

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For years, beginning in the early ’90s, she [Maxwell] and Epstein cut glittering figures on the Manhattan, N.Y., and Palm Beach, Fla., social circuits, with Maxwell taking the lead. While people who knew Epstein in Palm Beach described him as “very odd” and said “he didn’t go out much,” those who know Maxwell described her as “vivacious,” “warm” and “effusive.”

Her family knew Trump before Epstein arrived on the scene, and she continued to socialize with Chelsea Clinton after Epstein was jailed on sex offenses.

Maxwell first grew close with the Clintons after Bill Clinton left office, vacationing on a yacht with Chelsea Clinton in 2009, attending her wedding in 2010, and participating in the Clinton Global Initiative as recently as 2013, years after her name first emerged in accounts of Epstein’s alleged sexual abuse.

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“Ghislaine was the contact between Epstein and Clinton,” a person familiar with the relationship said. “She ended up being close to the family because she and Chelsea ended up becoming close.” Lawyers for Maxwell did not respond to requests for comment, and a spokesperson for Clinton disputed the idea that the two women were ever close.

Why would Maxwell be at Clinton's wedding if she wasn't a friend of someone? Weddings are friends, family, and sometimes business associates. This wasn't a random holiday office party, this was a wedding. This was invite only, not a social event anyone can attend.

But there was Chelsea Clinton with Ghislaine Maxwell at her wedding and a photograph to back it up.

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