You're a sexist if you dislike Ghostbusters 2016

Mike Matei from Cinemassacre refused to review Ghostbusters 2016 and is feeling the feminist fire after posting his non-review of the new Ghostbusters movie that includes an all female cast of slime slappers. He's being called a "sexist" because people think he refuses to review the movie based upon its female cast that's replaced the classic four main characters. People are forgetting how bad the preview was and the fact that sitting through the full movie would be worse than waterboarding.

cinemassacre ghostbusters 2016

You're NOT a Sexist if you dislike Ghostbusters 2016

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The new Ghostbusters 2016 movie?just happens to be the worst possible remake/redo in history. If you've seen the previews, then you know it looks absolutely horrible. The likes of Bill Murray and Dan Akroyd have been replaced with what? Four C or B level comedians who wouldn't be funny at a local comedy club if you were inebriated?

Our beloved Ghostbusters was treated poorly with a lousy cast of mish-mash snoozers that people don't care to see in a Ghostbusters 2016 movie - four boring replacements to replace previous gold standard actors of the past? No thanks. I don't care if they're men or women. I would think this movie stinks just as much if there was boring male actors. It's the fact that we're calling a bad movie a bad movie, but OTHER people are saying it's because it's a women cast. Nope. That's not it. It's just a really terrible movie and there's nothing wrong with that. But there's people who will say "you're only hating this movie because they're women" and anyone who says that is clearly a human who lacks proper thinking skills. I don't care if there's women in a movie. That's assanine to even suggest that anyone dislikes Ghostbusters because of the women.

Let's narrow this down to the real truth - it's not about it being women who took over the role of the Ghostbusters, but it's four unfunny and not entertaining actresses who stink on their own and are worse on the same screen. Why would the producers want these four in a movie? They're not funny. Were they the cheapest they could find? Is it the bad script or the poor acting? At some point you don't even care because it doesn't matter when the movie is THIS bad. If you really expect people to watch this (and enjoy it), then you shouldn't be in the movie making business any longer. But it looked good in the previews, right? No.

It looked terrible. Movie previews lace 1-2 minutes of good parts together so the final product tempts you to buy a ticket. Sometimes the preview is really good and the movie is terrible and we accept that. But if the preview is terrible, then why would I bother with the full movie?

Ghostbusters 2016 is the MOST DISLIKED movie trailer in YouTube history. I think that says something. The Ghostbusters 2016 preview was terrible and everyone knows that. So bad that user 'Ben88' pointed out that Sony deleted reasonably bad reviews or critique comments from their YouTube preview page.

Sorry but SONY made it the central issue by deleting reasonable critiques on both their Youtube trailer pages and leaving the misogynistic ones up just as ?Evidence of sexism?. Then there?s their little retalitory collaboration with media outlets out to make any critic riding against this remake look and sound misogynistic. Even Paul Feig has deigned to open his big mouth and lambaste Geek Culture for their response. SONY wanted a war, make it a golden opportunity.

How can you label someone a sexist because they called this movie bad? Just be honest for two minutes, watch the preview, and you'll say "yeah, this looks like wet dog droppings on a hot summer day on the bottom of your flip flop" and no one should suffer through that. Some people might call this movie a breakthrough for an all female cast, but those people clearly forget about the last zillion movies with an all female cast, as pointed out by user 'dragonchild' in the comments of Cinemassacre's non-review.

I don?t have a problem with the gender of the characters. I have a problem that they?re MAKING it a problem. It?s classic Nixon-style politics ? amplify the dissenters to paint yourself as the crusader. Yes, stupid people are saying stupid things about the cast. The producers are basking in it. So, I guess it?s about women being put in action hero roles after so many decades of patriarchy. I can?t think of a better way to change that than. . . model their characters after men from the 1980s? Wait, what? How about women forging their own paths? What offends me about this film isn?t that there?s women in it. Or even that the women are the protagonists. It?s that it?s going backwards 30 years in time and calling itself progressive. There?s a HUGE backlog of ORIGINAL female characters waiting for their spotlights but they go with this. Where?s my Metroid movie FFS??

The real Peter, Ray, Winston and Egon are poorly represented. Harold Ramis rolls.

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