Gillette razor ad was made by a woman, which explains everything

Gillette's new ad has turned social media upside down. The ad turned into an anti-masculinity piece and now we're finding out that it was created by a woman. It makes me wonder if she hates men and thinks they're all bad creatures. Of course, I have no idea what she was actually thinking, but I know the ad appears to insult men in general, which is certainly not the way to increase sales.

This makes as much sense as me making an ad for women's underwear, although I could do that pretty well because I would have hot women in the ad and that would sell. I wouldn't insult the women hoping it sparks a conversation that leads to more sales, which is possibly what Gillette did with their latest ad. It seems like they wanted to spark a conversation, but it came off as an insult and talked down upon masculinity, something the companies have been pushing on us for years.

Most of us didn't really care for the ad, but at the same time - we also don't need the ad. If you want to sell me a razor, then show me the razor, but leave the social justice warrior nonsense out of it. I don't need politics in my razor commercials. I don't think anyone wants that. I don't pay attention to commercials anyway, so regardless, the ad is mute to me.

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But it wasn't mute for millions of others who condemned Gillette and claimed they would run to another company.

Now that I know Gillette's ad was made by a woman, I actually do have some questions. Was she abused? Is she a radical feminist? Does she hate men? Does she have a beard and shaves her face? Why would she make an ad that people would dislike and did she think it would increase sales or just get Gillette in the news? If the latter, then she was successful. I can't go five posts on Twitter or Facebook without seeing someone complain about the ad which I haven't even watched and don't care to. Like I said, I don't care about any commercials and certainly not those with social justice warrior messages or insults to men or women.

The Guardian tells us more about who directed the video ad.

The ad was directed by Kim Gehrig of the UK-based production agency, Somesuch. Gehrig was behind the 2015 This Girl Can advertising campaign for Sport England and “Viva La Vulva”, an advertisement for Swedish feminine hygiene brand Libresse.
Some people took issue with the advertisement because it was directed by a woman. The Conservative Canadian political commentator Ezra Levant wrote: “A shaving ad written by pink-haired feminist scolds is about as effective as a tampon ad written by middle aged men … Count this 30-year customer out.”

Next week I might be starring in a women's swimsuit ad. It's 2019 so I can wear a Victoria's Secret thong too.

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