Performer Ginuwine was recently labeled as an intolerant transphobic by intolerant leftists. The leftists believe that if you don't follow every bizarre or made up sexually confused gender bending creation of theirs, that you are automatically intolerant. Leftists believe that if you're a man who likes women, who refuses to kiss another man who is dressed like a woman, that you are transphobic.



This happened because Ginuwine refused to kiss another man. The man named India Willoughby. He is a transgender who dresses like a woman, so he is a real man under all that hair, makeup, and women's clothing. Ginuwine does not want to be gay. He wishes to remain straight and not kiss other men. Ginuwine refused to kiss India on live TV and was instantly called a transphobe.

Here's more from the Daily Wire:

"I'm a woman, right," said Willoughby. "Forget about any 't's, or anything in front of it. So, on that score, you would date me, wouldn't you?"

"Not if you told me you was trans," replied Ginuwine.

"No, no, I'm not telling you I'm trans," Willoughby insisted. "I'm a woman."

"A woman? Yeah," answered the "Pony" singer.

This, for some reason, promoted Willoughby to grab Ginuwine's neck and lean in for a kiss. Ginuwine appeared to be extremely uncomfortable at this moment and quickly pulled away."

First of all, Ginuwine was sexually assaulted by this man dressed as a woman and needs to call the police. Ginuwine should join the #MeToo hashtag on Twitter. What makes India think Ginuwine wants to kiss him? That's like Harvey Weinstein leaning in for a kiss and showing you a contract to a movie.

This is right where the nonsense needs to stop. There is no such thing as transphobia. There's only preferences of straight, gay, and bi. 

If a man doesn't want to kiss another man, even if they're dressed in lady clothes, then he's straight.

If a woman doesn't want to kiss another girl who is dressed as a guy - then she's straight. 

People are not transphobic because they have a personal preference. 

If someone likes both men and women but refuses to kiss a transgender, then that's just a matter of preference. It's not transphobia, it's preference, and there's nothing wrong with people choosing who they'll interact with on a personal and sensual level.

Transphobia is fake and transgenderism is make-believe. It's people living life as a lie and trying to trick everyone else into believing it. I'm not believing it. 

If Ginuwine is transphobic, then so am I.


Don't forget the absurd replies from the leftists. They just won't ever get it.

Ginuwine was sexually assaulted by another man. let that sink in. #MeToo

— Frank Lea ???????? (@TrendingViews1) January 11, 2018

if you have a sexual preference that discriminates against transgender men or transgender women, you are transphobic.

this is a fact.#ginuwine

— LGBTQIA #LoveWins (@CityTerrorism) January 9, 2018

I believe #Ginuwine did the right thing when he was sexually assaulted by a man in women's clothes. #MeToo Transgenderism is a lie and transphobia is fake.

— Frank Lea ???????? (@TrendingViews1) January 11, 2018

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