Girl claims MAGA hat teens harassed her, but then her own skeletons come out

When it comes to skeletons hiding in the closet, this one might have a few racist bones in the body. A girl posted a short video on her Twitter account that shows some teenage boys yelling at her and her friends. The boys are high school aged and some are wearing Trump MAGA hats. The boys are sitting on a park bench and the girl and her friends walk by. It sounds like the boys are doing their best imitation of cat-calling but the girls aren't interested in it.

The girl posted the video and made a suggestion that the boys are from Covington Catholic high school, the same school wrapped up in the controversy surrounding the Native American drummer and the boys who were in front of him.

The boys in the video were certainly goofing off and yelling in the video, but it's unclear who they are or if they have anything to do with what happened with the drumming Native American. It's also unclear what the full context of the video is because the video is so short, that we really don't know what transpired right before someone started recording.


After she posted the video and tried to blame the boys of Covington Catholic high school, without any evidence whatsoever that they were from the school, and basically just trying to throw the boys under the bus. This got on people's nerves and they went looking at her twitter profile only to discover posts that were racist, homophobic, fat-shaming, and apparently a lot worse than anything in the video she posted.

She went viral and ended up being revealed as an alleged racist who dislikes black and Mexican people while body-shaming fat people and using the word 'f-ggot' and 'n-gger' freely in conversation, allegedly.

The video that claims she was harassed by Covington boys can be found here.

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The pictures are below and you should be warned that they are uncensored and contain racial terms. After looking at the video and the pictures, then feel free to tell us who really has the more inappropriate behavior.

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