Girl sends parents holiday selfie, but forgot there was LUBE in the background

Ever heard about "photobombers"? These are things or people, that can perfectly ruin your stylized photos or videos, usually by some very funny way. Such unwanted "photobomber" was caught recently by a 22-year-old girl's camera. And in this case, this "unwanted guest" was a bottle of lube.


Kelsey is a 22-year-old girl from the United Kingdom that went recently for some holiday to Turkey. She went there not alone, but with her boyfriend. Kelsey decided to send some photos to her parents, maybe to calm them down how "brilliant fun" she is having there or maybe just to share some life with the loved ones.

So she posed for a mirror selfie with her boyfriend Elliot and later sent that photo to her mom over WhatsApp. Probably just to convince her parents how lovely couple they are, and how sweet their love is.

She forgot about one detail though, that camera didn't exclude and it was a bottle of Durex lube laying on the counter.


"Dad said the pics r lovely, nice Durex bottle" – quickly wrote Kelsey's mom on WhatsApp. Kelsey tried to save face, quickly writing back that it's not a bottle of lubricant, but Elliot's knee cream, but her parents didn't buy it.

"Dad zoomed in," replied her mom, leaving Kelsey and her boyfriend Elliot ashamed and mortified.

Luckily for Kelsey and her boyfriend, her parents have some sense of humor and seem to be open-minded people.

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And the moral of the story? Always check your surroundings before taking some photos, as later some eagle-eyed people may notice something really unwanted.

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