Girls can now join the Boy Scouts starting in 2018 and the chicks can "earn" the highest honor which is called Eagle Scout. The Boy Scouts of America announced this today and girls can join the Boy Scouts starting next year, which is probably disappointing to most people with common sense over the last 100 years that the Boy Scouts have been around. Michael Surbaugh, chief executive of the Boy Scouts, stated that it's  "critical to evolve how our programs meet the needs of families interested in positive and lifelong experiences for their children" - but he could've simply reminded people with daughters that they can join the Girl Scouts like every other preteen chick on the planet.

It's reported by NBC News that the "scouting board of directors voted unanimously" to allow girls into the boys club, thus ruining a tradition that's 100 years in the making. Now the teen boys will be staring at the chicks and trying to "get it in" while forgetting about any task they're in the midst of accomplishing. Forget about it boys. Just quit the lame scouts club and find a new place to hang with your homies. These tricks can't ruin a good thing for you!

This brings us to make several points about the damnation of the weird cult creeps group known as the scouts. 

Girls should not be allowed to join the Boy Scouts

Girls should not ever be allowed to join the Boy Scouts because girls are not boys. The Boy Scouts group is for boys only. It says so in the name "BOY SCOUTS" and anyone without a penis is not allowed to join.

Girls have their own club called the Girl Scouts. It also says so in the name "GIRL SCOUTS" and that's what anyone without a penis can join. 

There's a science based way to determine which group you should join. It might sound a bit elementary, but it works every time. Boys have a penis and girls have a vagina. Surgically implanted peckers and fake manginas do not count. 

A person with an identity problem does not get to decide if they're a male or female. People cannot devisde

Girls will ruin the Boy Scouts

Whomever voted YES to allow girls in the Boy Scouts no longer holds a man card. It's gone and you won't ever get it back. Voting yes automatically canceled the man card. This is a complete violation of manhood. This is a complete disgrace to manhood. I am willing to bet the guys who voted yes to have girls in the Boy Scouts are either creeps or losers. There is no other reason to ruin the camaraderie of young men by adding women.

Boys, growing up to be men, don't need girls or future women ruining their man time. Guys want time away from the girls. Guys want time to crack a few open with the boys. Or, in Boy Scout terms, throw a few lawn darts or earn a few badges without the chicks. Girls will ruin this. Ever have that one girlfriend who comes out to guys night? Yeah, she sucks. She ruins it. She is useless. Everyone hates her.

If you want your daughter to be secretly hated by every boy, then sign her up for Boy Scouts. Not only will she ruin every guy bonding moment, she will be hated by everyone - especially if she's fat or ugly. That's a fact. Just walk by any summer camp or elementary school and you'll see the big girls get no love.

Adult men in Boy Scouts are creeps

Everyone says it behind your back. Adult men who still participate in the Boy Scouts program are creeps. Take your little shorts, your badges, and grow up.

If you're over the age of ten and you're still in Boy Scouts, then you're going to become a weirdo. Stop going. Join a sport or club, but by all means do not go to Boy Scouts any longer. It's seriously creepy.

When the first girl in Boy Scouts gets knocked up, then they'll regret doing this

It's bound to happen. Put enough teenage horny boys in a room with one girl and she's going to hook up with one of them. Once a girl in the Boy Scouts gets knocked up or groped, then they'll instantly regret allowing girls into the group. By nature of statistics, it's bound to happen. Not every boy in a the scout program is a perfect gentleman. And not every girl who joins the Boy Scouts will be a perfect angel.

Something WILL happen that will make parents regret approving this horrible decision.

It's time to END the Boy Scouts

Since girls are now allowed, it's time to quit. Time to ban. Time to END the Boy Scouts. Stop going immediately. Regain your manhood by ditching that weird cult ruined by chicks. Time to completely boycott the Boy Scouts and take your willingness to grow into a mature man somewhere else. Hit up a sports team, be a gamer, join an after school club, or do something else. By all means, do not waste time at the Boy Scouts where you're up against girls in competition or horizontally on the floor at a camping expedition with 20 boys and 1 girl.

I 100% do not want girls in the Boy Scouts.

I don't even like the Boy Scouts. I think they're weird and the guys who work there are creeps.

If you're a good parent, then your daughter will join the Girl Scouts like she's supposed to. If you're a good parent, then you'll speak up against this nonsense and be vocal about keeping things the way they should be.

Hopefully means the Boy Scouts are officially and thankfully over. 

Blame liberal America and their need to fit everyone into everything - even though that's not how the real world works.

Posted on October 11, 2017 in News and filed under Boy Scouts.
Source: nbcnews,