Girl goes viral for making her eyebrows look like a feather

Stella Sironen is a makeup artist and an Instagram sensation. She made her eyebrows look like feathers and started the trend as a joke. When her friend Leevi was brushing her brows, she posted a picture on Instagram of just her eyebrow with this weird style. Little did she know it would catch on with their followers.

Attention townspeople: There’s another completely weird beauty trend out there that I feel the need to draw your attention to.

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Feather eyebrows. As in, making your eyebrows look like feathers. Makeup artist Stella Sironen actually started the trend as a joke, but either
1.) People didn’t get the memo or
2.) They didn’t care. Because now, some people are doing this in real life.

People didn't know it was a joke and some girls who keep updated with the latest trends started doing it too. They thought it was the next big thing, but it was really the next big joke.  Stella didn't post any name for the trend, because to her it was a joke - but for her followers it wasn't. They started doing it too. This is proof that you can put anything on social media and people will copy it. Except for the male romper. That thing is disgusting and horrible.

She wrote a caption with the picture of her feather eyebrows:

So I am starting this new brow trend please recreate it and wear it everyday.

As soon as she posted the picture, people started following and criticizing the trend. She got both positive and negative feedback from her followers. Some people commented that it looks like a feather, others said it looks disgusting & no one would do it. Only a few people were able to figure out that it was a joke.

Then later she posted a picture of her face with both her eye brows brushed in the feather design. She put a caption:

Note to self : When u make a joke about starting a funny brow trend people will make take it seriously and....well start the trend.

We should call this #featherbrows

She started getting love and hate comments about the feather brows. So she clarified in her next caption that it was a joke, but she is glad that people actually tried it. She is happy that her joke became a trend. This time she asked her followers to try the trend and tag her in the pictures. She called it the 'Feather Brows'' and later posted more pictures of the trendy new look.

When she received a lot of criticism about the feather brows, she added this caption to the next picture.-

I know that brows are a sacred part of the face but consider this ; there is lip art and eye art and tons of different forms of creative makeup why is experimenting with brow so strange?

It is fine to let another weird trend grow in the fashion industry. There are other trends much more weird than this. This was joke and the fashion industry is all about weird and odd experiments. It is fine to let a new feather eyebrow trend when everything else in fashion is also a bit strange.

Social media plays very essential role in developing the trends in the fashion industry. Even if a single person comes with a new idea, it has all the potential to go viral.  

Instagram is the hub of all the crazy fashion trends nowadays. Some seem interesting and others quite disgusting. It is very cool to get instant feedback from people. Getting criticism from so many people at once is like instant reviews. The followers actually try the weird tricks in real life and provides legit feedback. It opens up so many avenues for the trend setters - even if the trend is absolutely stupid.

Instagram and Pinterest have already given the industry many weird eyebrow trends to pick from. There is Shimmery eyebrow trend, Microblading, Barbed wire brows, Dragon brows, Carved brows, Crumb brows, Bleached brows, Pom pom brows, Flower brows, Blinged out brows, Gold brows, Colored brows e.t.c.

Now other models have started posting pictures on Instagram with the same feather brushed eyebrows. They have followed the trend. It won't last long. In fact, it's probably already over!

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