For two nights now, the Portland federal courthouse has been under attack by radical leftists and there’s been virtually no national coverage of it.

Andy Ngo who covers Antifa and the local media have covered it, but you would think that attacks on a federal courthouse would qualify as “national news.” Unless you’re trying to downplay the violent attacks on police officers and the law.

About two hundred radicals were involved with the first wave of the attack on Thursday night.

According to the police they broke in the north side doors of the Justice Center, then they broke glass doors on the Federal Courthouse.

When the police and federal officers came out to protect the building, Antifa began “launching projectiles at the officers with sling shots. These projectiles included large rocks, full cans, and bottles. Demonstrators also threw lit commercial grade fireworks, which landed inside the broken glass doors of the federal courthouse.”

They also continued to set fires in the street.

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