An Ethics Committee investigation into payments received by Michigan Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib in 2018 found no wrongdoing, but orders her to return the funds.

The Board of the Office of Congressional Ethics released on report regarding Tlaib’s campaign spending during the 2018 election. The board found she was paid more than $17,000 from her campaign after the general election. While candidates are allowed to be paid by their campaign, it’s only for work performed through the general election.

The Ethics Committee released their findings on Friday:

While the Committee recognizes that the campaign environment can at times lend itself to hurried decision-making, as a Member-Elect of Congress, Representative Tlaib had a greater duty to ensure that any funding she received from her Campaign after her general election was fully compliant with statutory requirements and fully transparent with the public.

Based on its review, the Committee determined that Representative Tlaib did not comply with the letter of the relevant laws and regulations governing her receipt of salary payments from her Campaign.

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