"Real Time" host Bill Maher closed Friday night's show with a message to both Trump supporters and liberals ahead of next week's presidential election. 

"No matter which side wins on Tuesday, let's skip the civil war and go right to reconciliation," Maher began. "Thirty-four percent of the voters believe there will be another Civil War within the next five years and I'd like to remind them of one thing: America is a family and the definition of family is people who hate each other without resorting to violence.

"We have to see each other not as mortal enemies but rather merely as roommates from hell," he continued. "If we want to simply exist, we're going to have to find a way to work together. ... So let's not have a civil war with the Trumpers. We're no good at war and they're no good at being civil."

Maher stressed that "neither side" was going anywhere, mocking "rich celebrities" who always threaten to leave the country but "never do" and telling those who want to divide the U.S. into red and blue states to "shut the f--- up." 

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