A news website recently held their own poll and the results suggest that many Americans think certain acts of protest should be considered violent acts. The site who published the poll said "most Americans" however they did not poll most Americans on this, so that would technically be incorrect. It's more accurate to say "many Americans" so that we don't give the wrong perception. For example, the millions of people who protested would probably disagree with the poll, mostly because some of them are guilty of the crimes they possibly committed.

Here's an excerpt from the poll story:

(Many) Americans say protest graffiti, monument vandalism and destroying private property are violent acts, according to a new Just the News Daily Poll with Scott Rasmussen.

The results come amid a national debate about protesting tactics, following the May 25 death of African-American male George Floyd while in the custody Minneapolis police. Some observers have argued that property destruction does not amount to violence because it does not result in bodily harm.

A narrow plurality of voters believes that blocking traffic is a violent action, not a peaceful protest. Solid majorities believe all the other actions cited in the poll are violent.

"Some conservatives will see in these numbers proof that Americans view the protests themselves as violent rather than peaceful," Rasmussen said, "and further, that the media is misleading people by claiming they are not.

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