They're going back to boring zoom classes online where kids barely learn anything, all thanks to the possibility of riots and the entire town no longer being safe because it might get completely destroyed and ransacked by people who take advantage of a bad situation to go looting.

Please do not destroy your town over a lawsuit. Instead, run for office and BE THE CHANGE instead of just destroying things.

If you don't like how your city is run or the results of a lawsuit, then do something meaningful in response. Rioting does nothing but cause resentment.

Here's the story...

Anticipating unrest after the jury delivers a verdict in former police officer Derek Chauvin’s trial for allegedly killing Minneapolis man George Floyd, Minneapolis Public Schools have announced that schools will return to remove learning at the end of next week.

In an announcement on Friday, MPS Superintendent Ed Graff said that even though next week marks the first time in a year that in-person learning will be made available for middle-school students, schools would return to remote learning on Wednesday in preparation for the verdict.

“Peaceful protests are one of the foundations of our democracy. Some students may feel called to participate in collective actions being organized around the city, but MPS also recognizes our primary need and your primary desire to keep students safe. We cannot deny the fact that people with ill intentions sometimes take advantage of communities in crisis,” Graff wrote.

The jury begins deliberation on Monday, and MPS will be open for in-person learning through Tuesday, closing again for the remainder of the week.

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