Elon Musk, the science nerd who makes dad jokes on Twitter, is now all of a sudden considered controversial because he's hosting SNL this week and some cast members just might need a safe space.

Jon wrote at TP:

Leftist pundits and politicians in our country love to say there isn’t enough ‘dialogue’ in America these days to hash out differences because ‘the other side’ doesn’t really want one.

In fact, it’s the left that doesn’t want any discussion and we see them demonstrate as much on a near-daily basis.

‘Dialogue’ about the efficacy of dirty, overused, ill-fitting masks to ‘protect’ against COVID-19 transmission? Nah; the ‘science is settled.’ Anyone who disagrees is a right-wing kook and a moron.

‘Dialogue’ about ‘climate change’ and how activists have been warning for decades now — falsely, it turns out — that the world is going to burn up in a few years? Nah; the ‘science is settled.’ Human activity via the operation of modern factories, electric plants, and SUVs as well as cattle farts are changing the dynamic of the weather, period — and anyone who disagrees is a right-wing kook and a moron who wants to destroy the planet.

In fact, the left doesn’t even want to talk to conservatives, period. They don’t want to converse with us, debate us, discuss issues with us, or have to deal with us in any way, shape, or form. If they could literally kick us off the planet or better yet, lock us all up in gulags and watch us wither and die on their big-screen TVs every night, they’d go along happily.

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