'Godfather' actor blasts Cuomo after 'Fredo' incident: 'His father would smack him'

One of the actors from "The Godfather" movie slammed CNN's Chris Cuomo after the viral "Fredo" video where the anchor went on a verbal tirade and it appeared he might get into a physical altercation.

It was Gianni Russo, who played Carlo Rizzi, the son-in-law of Vito Coreleone, who slammed Cuomo for his antics after a person called him "Fredo" in public while Cuomo was out with his family.

As stated on Fox News, "Russo, who says he’s friends with the Cuomo family, told TMZ he was surprised that Chris would equate being called Fredo with an affront to Italian people.


“His father would smack him,” Russo said of the late former governor Mario Cuomo.

“I couldn’t understand, because he’s such an intelligent kid, educated and everything else. I heard he’s hurt his career,” the 75-year-old actor explained. “All these news guys, they’re so opinionated,” Russo continued. “They’re supposed to report the news. It’s not about what you think. And you’re taking Fredo, a character from a classic? It’s like spitting on the Mona Lisa."

Cuomo was quoted as saying the following in his viral Fredo video:


"No, punk-ass b—es from the right call me 'Fredo.' My name is Chris Cuomo. I'm an anchor on CNN,...'Fredo' was from 'The Godfather.' He was a weak brother and they use that as an Italian slur — are any of you Italian?... It's a f--king insult to your people. It's an insult to your f--kin' people. It's like the N-word for us. Is that a cool f--king thing?"

Cuomo later apologized and said that he wants to be better than the people he opposes.

"Appreciate all the support but — truth is I should be better than the guys baiting me. This happens all the time these days. Often in front of my family. But there is a lesson: no need to add to the ugliness; I should be better than what I oppose."

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