Have you ever been in a situation where you are walking somewhere and you have that feeling that you are either being watched or someone is following you? Do you even remember where you were in April of 2015? Well, this may look a bit awkward, but someone in the digital space has all your records and watches you every moment.  Even though you may not remember every day or location you have been to - someone else does. That someone else is the big Google!

Google may be watching you right now through its feature called Google Location History. It has some people freaked out, but it also has some people loving this new technology. It can be turned on and off and the results are only visible to you when you're on your account.

This feature is able to clearly show or rather give a clear history of all locations that you have visited. The system work’s through the smartphone's GPS tracking system. The funny part of it is that it has all the history that is dated back to a few years ago and as long as you had your smartphone with you, the location was saved. Though a majority of the people keep this app on most of the time, what they do not know is that they are giving or exposing a lot of their private life to a private company.

But why would a private company such as Google track your movements every time? We all know that the world is now gearing towards AI and this tech is capable of learning all your routes and also can give you alternative routes in case there is too much traffic on the road. 

What are the benefits of Google knowing everything?

Google’s AI-powered virtual assistant will be very key in the years to come.

Some people are worried that this gives technology too much private information.

Some people are the opposite. They think it is very cool that their locations are tracked because maybe that technology can help locate a missing person or solve a crime.

What do you think about this? Is it Big Brother watching us? Or is it just cool technology?

Source: cnet, businessinsider, google