Google Maps just got 100 drivers lost in muddy mess in middle of nowhere

Anyone that ever used GPS or – better yet – smartphones with Google navigation, knows how handy these tools can be. But any experienced driver also knows about the other thing – that you may actually never trust a technology, and those who blindly follow it, soon get unpleasant surprises.

Just like over 100 drivers that got stuck in the mud somewhere in Colorado, all "thanks to" Google Maps service.

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And all of that because of their need to get some "detour" and save time and money, while in reality – things got really different.  Drivers that wanted to avoid the traffic jam on the road leading to Denver International Airport, asked Google for help. They were directed to some dirt road, that after last days' intensive rains, turned into a muddy mess.

Connie Monsees was of these drivers. Like she says, she followed the advice of Google Maps, convinced even more when she saw tens of other drivers going the same way, ahead of her. But like it appeared later – they were all wrong, including their "leader", Google.

Automatic navigation just didn't calculate and estimate that such dirt road can change into something much worse after a longer period of rain. Lucky for Connie, her vehicle has all-wheel drive, so she was able to escape the "mud trap". But the other drivers were not so lucky and got stuck there for hours.

Such situations remind us that nothing beats your own senses, brain, common sense and logic while making decisions in this life. And those who blindly follow technology, quickly get lost.

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