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GOP challenger's campaign off to bad start, almost no one showed up

Mark Sanford, Republican candidate for 2020, didn’t have the best start to his campaign. Sanford held his conference behind a podium at the Philadelphia’s People’s Plaza last Wednesday. Only Anna Orso, a reporter from the Inquirer, was present. 

Sanford had two aides with him, an Inquirer photographer, a 6ABC cameraman who left the venue later and a group of students from Paris who were intrigued by Sanford.


There was a Democrat there but that person won’t be voting for the GOP primary so it doesn’t really matter if they were present or not. 


This start may have been misplaced as Sanford is a former South Carolina governor and congressman who held his start in Philadelphia. Orso said that Sanford told her that nobody knew him in Philadelphia, saying it while he holds a $1 trillion check. This check is meant to symbolize the national deficit currently happening in America. 



This did not discourage Sanford at all. He has hopes that more Americans will come to know him as he campaigns on 11 states. He is a GOP candidate aiming for fiscal responsibility, empathy, and humility. He actually has a higher bankroll than the other challengers, Joe Walsh, and Bill Weld. He currently has $1.3 million in his congressional campaign and two volunteers with $60,000 in fundraising. Sanford acknowledges that this is a long-shot of a presidential campaign.



President Trump calls him the Mr. Appalachian Trail. Now you know the reason why. 


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