Gorilla Mother Cleared - no criminal charges filed

Gorilla Mother Cleared amid backlash from animal lovers

Joe Deters, the Hamilton County Prosecutor, cleared the mother of the boy who fell in the gorilla enclosure. While the casually titled "gorilla mother" had a lapse in parenting and her kid swiftly got himself into a gorilla pit, the mother was found to not act in any way that would harm the child. It turns out to be an unfortunate event that got an innocent gorilla killed.   gorilla mother meme Here's a quote from Deters.

"By all accounts, this mother did not act in any way that she presented this child into some harm," the prosecutor told reporters. "She had three other kids with her, and she turned her back. I've gotten dozens if not hundreds of emails about this case. If anyone can?t believe a 3-year-old can scamper off very quickly, then they've never had kids." His decision followed an extensive review of evidence collected by detectives as well as witness statements and interviews with the boy's family. "If she was smoking crack on the bathroom, it would be a different story," Deters said.

If everyone can be honest with themselves for just one second, then you know that a 400 lb gorilla could snap at any second and rip that boy in half. A gorilla of that size can also kill a child by accident. The zoo officials did what they were trained to do. If that boy suffered any major injuries, such as loosing an arm, then people would've suggested shooting the gorilla faster! Everything about the gorilla boy incident is dreadful. The boy was injured with a concussion. The gorilla was shot dead. The parents?don't seem like the best parents. It's all a lovely mess and maybe the zoo will get donations out of it. While all this sounds terrible, even I don't think gorilla mother needs criminal charges. Put her in a parenting class and teach her to be mindful. I don't think the kid should've made it as far as he did, but it happened. You've got to think about the statistics involved - is it really possible for 100% of parents in the world to know where their child is 100% of the time? Maybe in most cases, it is, but there WILL be lapses of judgement and stupidity. It happens. We cannot deny that it happens. When her kid got in the gorilla enclosure, it was just an unfortunate event. Luckily for the child, he didn't get much more than a concussion. He has a great video to watch when he's older, but at the sake of a gorilla and knowing his mother wasn't watching him as best as she should. Should that kid be leashed for now on? Yeah, but not because of the kid. Maybe the gorilla mother?should be leashed to him so SHE is more aware. Zoo's have had setups like this for years and it rarely occurs. Thousands of kids visit zoos each year. I guess it was only a matter of time until one of them slipped through the cracks and landed next to a gorilla and caused an avalanche of media nonsense and outcries. I hope Harambe is up there looking down on us, keeping other kids out of the enclosures.

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