Graham to Dems over asylum bill: 'You're not going to take my job!'

The Senate Judiciary Committee, led by Chairman Lindsey Graham, advanced a bill to overhaul current US asylum laws and Lindsey Graham erupted at Democrats, saying "you're not going to take my job!"

The bill, that was a controversial issue for a long time, has been voted 12-10 and is ready to be sent to the Senate. But as most commentators and politicians say, it's highly unlikely that the bill will be passed in Senate. The bill is meant to change the asylum process for immigrants from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador (meaning that they will be obliged to claim asylum first in Mexico and Central America, before the one in the USA).

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It also proposes the increase of the days for immigrant families to be held together (from 20 to 100) and provides funding for 500 new immigration judges to handle the cases more swiftly.

The voting on a bill is deemed illegal and against the committee rules. But Lindsey Graham said that he didn't have the other choice and accused the Democrats of obstructing the voting process.

“I'm responding to what you did last week," Lindsey Graham said. "Last week you chose not to show up so that I couldn't proceed with the bill that I’ve been trying to work on for about two or three months. What am I supposed to do?”

He added that the situation and the behavior of Democrats forced him to bypass committee rules, and he advanced with the bill and the voting.

That was met with strong criticism from the Dems side. Patrick Leary said that this was “supposed to be the Senate Judiciary Committee, not the Donald Trump committee” and that Chairman Lindsey Graham was “throwing out all the rules.”

Sheldon Whitehouse added: “I think today will be a dark day in the history of this committee.”

Dianne Feinstein said, "No matter how many committee rules or Senate rules are broken, this bill will not become law." She also wondered "why are we doing this", if the bill has no chance of being passed in the Senate.

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