Great Dane pup sent to kill-shelter cries before he sleeps

This cute Great Dane puppy was surrendered to a kill shelter by a merciless owner who has no care in the world for animals. The owner could have given the dog up for adoption, gave it to a friend, or even sold it to someone. But no, they heartlessly turned it into a shelter who commits the horrible act of euthanasia when there's too many animals and no one wants them.

This poor pup cries every night before sleeping and it's only a matter of time until it reaches the needle. Hopefully someone adopts this cute doggy.


For one Great Dane pup trapped inside a kennel run at Carson, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Gonner, who is only 1 years old, is getting a crash course in the cruelties of life. His owner didn’t want him anymore, and so he gathered his things, and heartlessly surrendered the pup to Carson, knowing full well the ramifications such a decision might bring.

Gonner, who was described as an upbeat, and jovial pup, now mopes about his kennel space, wondering what he did to deserve such a fate. All the poor pup can do is cry with each passing day, hoping someone might take a chance on him before it is too late.

If you'd like to take care of this dog and save it from the horrible act of putting it to sleep for no reason, then please contact the Los Angeles County Animal Control. Ask for Carson at this number (310) 523-9566. Please reference the shelter ID #A5048803.


It would be an amazing thing for someone to take this dog, and every animal there, into a warm welcoming home. I wouldn't want anyone to become an animal hoarder, but surely there's someone who would love this fur-ball for years to come.

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update - this animal was saved!

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