London's Grenfell Tower Engulfed in Massive Flames

A massive fire broke out in Grenfell Tower that killed 17 and injured at least 70 residents.

In North Kensington, London, the fire fighters were called at around 1 am. 200 fire-fighters reached the scene in just six minutes of the first call. At least 20 ambulances and 40 fire trucks swarmed the building to make emergency rescues and attempted to put the fire out. The fire covered the whole building in no time. All of the 120 apartments were in flames and it was an extremely scary visual for the viewers. 

The firefighters could only reach up to 12th floor out of 24 floors. The fire engines tried to calm the flames down but they could not until the morning. The building burned for almost 11 hours. The residents and the viewers of the scenario remained horrified throughout the night.

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The enormous fire is suspected to have started as a result of a possible refrigerator explosion that may have occurred on the fourth floor. The 24-story building caught fire so quick due to the cladding which was installed on the sides of the building. 

This building only has a single staircase which was already a fire safety issue. The purpose of the cladding was to make the building's appearance better. The residents opposed cladding's installation due to fire risks. But somehow the potential risk was not visible to the authorities.

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Many residents of the building were missing and nearby buildings evacuated for safety. People are already sending donations, food and shelter help to the survivors or displaced. 

Around 70 people were injured in which 37 were sent to hospital, 18 being in critical condition. 17 people were sadly reported dead. Rescue operatiosn have not yet completed and number of death reports may rise.

A tower once home to hundreds of people is now a blackened husk, still smoking as it looms over a neighborhood in grief.

A day after the devastating fire in North Kensington left at least 17 people dead, firefighters are still working to dampen the blaze and search for bodies.

On Thursday, Labour lawmaker David Lammy called for arrests to be made over the fire, labeling the incident as "corporate manslaughter."

GrenfellTower was constructed in 1974 and finished refurbishment just last year in 2016. The building didn't have a proper fire escape as there was only single staircase. The survivors report that there was no warning or fire alarms which helped caused more damage to the building and people. 

Some people who escaped on time were offered shelters for night. Other people are offering as much help as they can.

A woman in the building was forced to throw her baby from the 10th floor. She threw the baby who was miraculously caught and saved by a man down below. We're unsure of what happened to the woman.

The incident is being called a manslaughter and the public demands that the people responsible for the incident be arrested. They should also arrest the people who allowed this building to pass fire code. They should also arrest the people who decorated the outside of a building this large in plastic which, as you can see from the pictures, went up in flames very fast and easy. Many people tweeted that government is not handling the tragedy very well. 

A lawyer has already Tweeted to offer free legal help for the survivors of the incident.

@jolyonmaugham tweeted;
'If residents of Grenfell tower want legal help with compensation and responsibility many lawyers will be happy to help for free.'

While the public demand some answer over the safety issues, the mayor said the questions will be answered in time.

Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, said legitimate questions had to be answered, including over the fire safety strategy for the building, which told residents to stay put inside their flat if a blaze broke out.

“There are genuine concerns, reasonable concerns, that have been raised in the course

The fire covered the building so quick that people had very little time to react and tragedies sadly occurred.

Our thoughts go to the affected residents from the incident with the hope of their recovery as soon as possible.

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