Grown man reports people for saying "Learn To Code" because journalists can't handle heat when it's thrown back at them

Some guy named Ben Popken posted on Twitter that he reported someone for saying "learn to code" and then suggested that other journalists do the same, as he was considering it to be abusive behavior linked with targeted harassment. He states on his Twitter bio to be an NBCNEWS Senior Business Reporter. Cool stuff, except for the part where he's a grown man using the report button because someone said "learn to code" which has become a huge joke and meme, but apparently people can't handle it.

The "learn to code" meme was actually started by journalists back in 2015 when they wrote about people like coal miners and women learning a new trade. Multiple outlets published articles with topics such as 'why women should code' or 'can you teach a coal miner to code' and a slight variety of similar pieces, none with those exact titles, but typically that's what they were about.

When the stories revolved around coal miners, it was because coal miners were getting laid off at the time. This happened in Kentucky around 2015 or 2016 and multiple pieces were published with journalists basically telling coal miners "learn to code."

Here we are in 2019 and journalists are getting laid off left and right, mostly from liberal publications, and now people are telling them "learn to code" but it's now being considered targeted harassment by weak minded people who can't take a joke. The worst part is that journalists literally made up the "learn to code" nonsense when they more or less trashed coal miners years ago by telling them to "learn to code" and here we are with the journalists being told the same thing, but they can't handle it.

The journos are hitting the report button like it's their job in a second grade classroom to "tattle" on every who does something wrong. These weak minded folks are truly pathetic crybabies who can't take the shit when it's thrown back in their direction.

I would love to have a coal miner who turned into a coder go on record and tell them "don't learn to code" because they wouldn't want to ever be forced to work with someone who is an adult and uses the 'report' button over a harmless joke.

And are the people who got laid off actually journalists or just lame feminist bloggers who write listicles about how to properly smell a fart when no one is looking? Are real journalists losing jobs, or did boring bloggers who attempted humor and realized their work wasn't hot anymore just get laid off for not producing real results. Let's face it folks, if you're a journalist and people are reading your work like crazy, then you're not getting laid off. No results = no job.

When you get laid off for being bad at your job and you're in an industry with fake news who constantly makes things up to go with their shitty partisan publication (one way or the other), then don't complain about it when people are joking and telling you to "learn to code" because maybe you should fucking do something else.

Ben seems to want everyone else to report people for saying "learn to code" to a journalist who was laid off. It's 2019 and we're really going this far into stupidity this early in the year.... and still using the date as an argument as to why something is ridiculous? Yes, sounds like it. Why though? Why not roll with the joke or just read something else?

Reporting people on the Internet for saying "learn to code" is very lame. The counter argument will be that it's lame to tell journalists to "learn to code" but the fact is that they started telling other people to do it when they were laid off. Now they're being told and it's not OK? THAT IS THE PART THAT IS NOT OK!

If you don't like the jokes, then keep scrolling or mute people.

If you reply by telling everyone you're reporting it, well then you've just put a bunch of fagots on the fire and it's gonna burn until the joke runs dry.

Fagots are bundles of sticks if you didn't know that already.

And yes, it's spelled that way.

Not to be confused with the more offensive version that has two G's.

Either way, here's what Ben Popken said that got people fired up.

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