American gun owners are thrilled to hear the good news as they learn about the House passing the “Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act" by a victorious count of 231-198. This is great news for every legal gun owner in America who is a good guy with a gun. This is not a law yet, but it has passed a major challenge and even picked up six Democrat votes in the process.

If this goes all the way through and becomes a full-fledged nation-wide law, then every legal gun owner would be legally permitted to carry their concealed gun across state lines. The keyword here is "legal" and should be the primary focus. There's already a lot of states which respect the concealed carry licenses from other states, so turning this into a full law makes complete sense.

If it's converted to a full law, then the concealed carry permit will be just like a drivers license. Once you have a driver license, then you can drive anywhere in the United States. The logic is that once you have a permit to carry a concealed weapon, that you have that permission anywhere in the country. Think of it like this - if you're 21 years old, then you can purchase alcohol in any state of America. It's the same logical and reasonable line of thinking.

There may be some pushback from Democrats and anyone who is against gun ownership or the NRA in particular.

Conservative Tribue reports:

"Many states already recognize the concealed carry permits from other areas, but the process of interstate travel while armed can be confusing and full of legal pitfalls.

"For the millions of law-abiding citizens who lawfully carry concealed to protect themselves, for conservatives who want to strengthen our Second Amendment rights, and for the overwhelming majority of Americans who support concealed carry reciprocity, Christmas came early,” explained Rep. Richard Hudson, a Republican from North Carolina.

The legislation had the support of 24 attorneys general throughout the country, along with the National Rifle Association."

It's also reported that this bill was paired with something called "Fix NICS" which relates to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. People need to report information quickly and keep information updated on the NICS background check system. Doing so can prevent someone from purchasing a weapon, who is not supposed to purchase, based on their criminal background or other reasons. This happened when the latest church shooter in Texas purchased a gun, but he should have have been reported to the NICS system. The NICS system would've alerted likely prevented him from buying a legal gun and could have prevented the shooting.

Hopefully, this is passed as a law sooner than later. It doesn't make sense for states to have different laws on a tangible item like this. Having different speed limits is one thing, but telling someone when and where they can hold their property seems a bit outdated.

Source: conservativetribune,