Gun ownership among Black Americans is up 58.2%

Looks like there might be even more push-back to any gun laws President Joe Biden tries push on people, as gun ownership rises among Black Americans 58.2%, with all Americans setting a record number of gun sales last year in general.

I was certain that gun ownership and sales had gone up last year with the election taking place, but I did not expect the numbers to be this high or record-setting. But here we are in 2021 with some bigger numbers than we thought. Maybe people were dropping those stimmy checks on some boom booms after all!

This information, surprisingly, comes from a leftist news outlet known as the Guardian, and they did a bit of research on the topic, more than I've ever done, and here's what they posted:


Americans bought a record number of firearms last year. An estimated 5 million people bought their first ever gun between March and August, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), a trade organization, and that number continued to climb throughout the year. Black Americans saw the highest increase in new gun owners of any demographic, the NSSF found, with gun ownership in the group up by a staggering 58.2%.


DANG!! And lets not forget the ridiculous amount of weaponry that's on the streets and unregistered - many of which is by criminals who don't follow the laws.

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Though Black Americans have a multitude of reasons for buying a gun – some new gun owners told the Guardian about stress related to the pandemic, others about the anxiety of seeing scores of armed white protesters rallying against lockdown orders or the election results – many had a common experience in the process of obtaining one. They were met with apathy, and in some cases disrespect, from white gun store owners, gun club members and at shooting ranges.


They just had to throw that part in there, right? The whole "armed white protesters" thing. The armed white protesters weren't out looking for some black folks, my friends. They were just armed protesters being mad at the system. That is some fearmongering bullsh-t if you ask me.

Americans like their guns, there's just not much else to say about it. They also like to have a form of self defense at home or on them, because unfortunately, bad things do happen and we literally cannot possibly prevent everything from happening.

We can teach, we can support, we can do everything possible - but there are just some folks out there who still commit crimes no matter what the consequences are. That's the unfortunate part of this and I don't think any laws will ever stop that.

Some people get desperate in a time of need, some people don't know how to make money any other way, and we just have so many issues on a societal level that no blanket gun laws will really have a huge impact.

Look, if you can go to jail for a really long time for murder, and that's not enough to stop some people from committing horrific crimes, then what will stop them?

I don't know, maybe job training and security, maybe being able to provide for their family in a way that doesn't break the law, maybe people being nicer to each other?

No one knows the answers.

But hey, gun ownership numbers are up and you can't deny it.

So what are we going to do to help each other out and try to prevent things on a societal level?

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