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Guns, Liquor, and Marijuana are hot items for coronavirus hoarders

If you thought sales were going down for everything, then think again! Some items are selling like hot cakes, or in this case hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes, and it's three items you probably didn't expect, but definitely could see Americans doing.

It was guns, liquor, and marijuana that were selling in big numbers to people who were referred to as "coronavirus hoarders" - some of whom might fear a civil unrest if the all the closures and overall situation with coronavirus gets worse.

While many people are stocking up on canned goods, milk, and even wheat bread - these folks went the other route!

One store reported that Everclear "has been flying off the shelves" in Culver City. That's grain alcohol coming in hot at 60% alcohol and can, reportedly, kill any germ out there.

As stated on the LA Times:

“Normally, we sell a few bottles of that stuff a week,” store manager Paul Pabich said. “But word is spreading fast that at 120 proof, or 60% alcohol, it can kill any germ there is out there. We had 24 bottles in stock on Monday, and they were all sold by Thursday.”

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Nodding appreciatively to an empty shelf reserved for bottles of Everclear that sell for $19.99 each, he shrugged and added, “It’s the way of the world right now, and we’re making a little money from it.”

Another vice, a much greener one, is selling big time.  One marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles was giving away free masks that say "Corona Free Herbarium" and even offering free delivery to reduce the number of people who were shopping in person.

Breanna Lucier, 36, a spokeswoman for the business, said: “There are two reasons for all the customers you see in here right now. One is that people are stocking up on all the things they consider essential after being advised to stay indoors.

“The other reason — people don’t want to care about coronavirus or watch upsetting news about it on television,” she said. “Instead, they just want to chill out with Netflix and some weed.”

Guns were also a popular item among panic-driven shoppers on Saturday.

And to top it off, the gun sales were booming as well.

Some folks might be weary of what happens if the COVID-19 turns into a massive scale disaster and people start rioting or looting. They want to have protection and be able to keep them and their family safe, so some people are headed to the gun shops and buying up what's left. Add to the mix the thought that civil services might fall apart when they start being overworked and really just get tired.

At Martin B. Retting Gun Shop in Culver City, a line of prospective customers stretched outside the door. Inside, they were shoulder to shoulder, waiting up to five hours for service. A fast-food truck was taking orders at the curb.

Among them was a medical doctor who would give only his first name, Ray. He said he’d come to buy his first gun.

“I want to buy a handgun, I think they call it a Glock, but I’m not sure,” he said. “I have a house and a family, and they’ll need protection if things get worse.”

“The fear,” he added, “is that civil services will break down.”

What are you doing to prepare for what could be a two week shut down?

For me, I'll be spending a lot of time online, eating whatever is left in the cupboard, drinking way too much coffee, and watch Peppa Pig reruns with my kid.

I know one thing.

If the Internet goes down, we're all fucked.

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