Guy busted smuggling half a kilo under his wig

This Colombian guy, he didn't have luck, that's for sure. Caught at Barcelona Airport with 1 pound of cocaine. Instead of making some money, he will spend years in prison in Spain (that won't be so sunny anymore, that's for sure). And all of this because of his fancy wig.

"Head full of coke" just get another meaning. Carrying a fancy wig, filled with bags of cocaine inside, he got caught by Barcelona el Prat customs. If not his nervousness, then maybe he had successfully smuggled "cargo" that he was carrying from Colombia. But the officers noticed not only his behavior, that was suspicious,  but also something strange on his head: a wig that surely looked too big and too heavy.

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I'm not sure what this guy was thinking. Maybe he thought that in Spain there are still 1970s, and people wear wigs like this. Straight from golden years of disco, huge like Afro hair (despite the fact that he was Colombian). But it was Barcelona of 2019 (which btw. doesn't consider itself that much as part of Spain), and things are little different there.

It wasn't the first case like this. Spain is one of the biggest consumers of cocaine in Europe (being the 6th on the list) and the smugglers that want to enter this country, always had countless ways of doing their job. A lot of them – very creative, indeed.

Four years ago there was a woman that also tried to smuggle coke in her wig (maybe his friend?), while the other one tried to do the same in her breast implants.

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The police that caught the guy called it  “Operation Toupee". I'm not sure if the guy can appreciate their sense of humor, as he will probably spend years in prison. Depending on how the judges classify his crime, he may be jailed from 3 to 6 years.

Maybe next time someone can give him a 'heads up' that it's a bad idea.

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