Guy Accidentally Sends Mom Pic of GF with Something Sleazy in Background

Maison Vallance sent his Mom the funniest text of the century when he included a picture of his girlfriend and something sleazy in the background. His mom apparently wanted a picture of a shirt she sent him. No problem, right? He found the shirt and then had his girlfriend hold it as he took the picture. No problem, right? Just send the picture to mom, she'll smile, and everyone has a good day. That's when Maison and his girlfriend forget about the sex ropes hanging up in the background - directly above the mattress that she's sitting on.

It was too late. The picture was already sent. The picture was posted on Twitter. Now everyone has questions about what those things are in the background. Well, make no mistake! Those are sex ropes just like we thought. A few cheap hooks from Home Depot and some thin rope and you've got yourself '50 Shades of Whatever Color You Want' ready to go in 5 minutes.

Twitter had a blast with this and the hilarious questions and jokes ensued for quite a while. Maison was a champ and endured the humor with humble humility. Someone asked where he got the equipment for their homemade tie-up sessions and Maison even responded with a store and a price! How funny is that?


There's nothing wrong with being a little bit freaky.

Here are some Tweets from the exchange. Prepare to laugh.

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