Guy thought steel toe shoes could stop a .45 - he was wrong

This guy posted on a forum about what happens when you shoot your own foot with a gun and think the steel toe portion of your boot will stop the bullet. Well, first of all, he is really dumb. Second, it looks like he shot the wrong part of his boot, because the bullet went right through the shoe and blasted part of his toe and foot off.


Not only is he a bad shot, but he's also full of bad ideas.

His foot now looks like this. And just a quick warning, these pictures are graphic.


Add "shoot myself in the foot" to the list of things to not ever try at home. Seriously, what was this guy thinking? If he wanted to find out if the steel could stop the bullet, then why didn't he shoot the shoe when he was NOT wearing it? That could've given him his answer without blowing off part of his foot.

I guess he'll just have to "walk it off" because "it's just a flesh wound."

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