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Guy who hoarded 17,700 bottles of sanitizer is world's biggest A**hole (besides China)

Right about now, everyone pretty much hates China. However, there's a guy who lives in America who is just as big of an a**hole as the person who allegedly ate a bat, spread a virus, and then had the virus downplayed by his own communist government in China.

I'm talking about the guy named Noah Colvin who purchased 17,700 bottles of hand sanitizer, across two states, and had hoped to sell some of them for up to $70 online.

This moron had everything from hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes, and who knows what else.

Either way, he got blocked from selling them on Amazon and Ebay, thankfully.

It's one thing to buy something for $5 and sell it for $7, but if you're gonna be a giant a**hole about it and rip people off for $70, then you deserve to be blocked.

Now that he's stuck with all this hand sanitizer, he plans to donate it to a church or first responders. However, I can only speculate that if people in the neighborhood needed it, he could sell it to them AT COST in attempt to redeem his reputation.


Here's a tone deaf message from him, in which he says he's sorry he bought it all.

The comment section is ready, willing, and able to take all your hate messages on this guy.

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