Hallmark's Christmas movies are facing some wickedly hilarious backlash from critics. People are suggesting that the cheesy Hallmark movies spread too much 'caucasian cheer.' Hallmark movies are basically like Lifetime movies - they're beyond cheesy, middle-aged single women with cats love them, and the movies harm no one. Someone from Slate, a liberal-leaning website, wrote something suggesting there's too much caucasian influenced cheer in the catalog of Christmas movies from Hallmark. 



Here's what Hallmark does - they make the same few Christmas movies over and over, with a slightly different plot and different actors. Every movie is the same. It's just like that on the Lifetime Movie Network as well. It's probably like that with all the reality shows on BET. It's like this because television networks cater to their target audience, not because of any form of racism or spreading of 'caucasian cheer." If Hallmark's primary audience is the white people, then it makes sense to use white people in their shows. Nothing wrong with that because it's called catering to the audience to get the best results, and in their case, the results are eyes on the screen. BET targets a black audience. Nothing is wrong with that either. It's part of business and how companies stay open.

But, of course, there's always someone making a huff-puff over something. It's like 2016 extended into 2017, and everyone is still offended by everything. It's gotten worse though, because if someone is blasting Hallmark with a card worthy accusation of spreading 'caucasian cheer,' then that's not only hilarious but also really embarrassing for anyone who is offended by a Christmas movie.

Let's examine a few quotes from Slate's article and I'll place their words in bold. My words continue below their quotes.

As much as these movies offer giddy, predictable escapes from Trumpian chaos, they all depict a fantasy world in which America has been Made Great Again. 

The characters aren't swimming in dumpsters or begging for money at the intersection, so apparently, this means it's Trump's fault, and America was made high in the movie. It's a Christmas fantasy movie about fake people. What's more attractive for a family or lonely cat woman to watch? Good looking people in clean clothes in a lovely setting? Or do they want the movies to have a handful of Syrian refugees living on someone's couch, a gunfight, and some dumpster diving? This only ties into Trump because of the quote and the fact that the people in the movies always seem like they're doing well. Of course, it's supposed to be a happy holiday movie, so apparently, there's some Caucasian cheer and clean settings involved.

They’re centered on beauty-pageant heroines and strong-jawed heroes with white-nationalist haircuts.

What's wrong with putting attractive people in a movie? Does anyone think Hallmark will cast a few fatties for a Christmas movie? A film needs to be visually appealing to their audience. Is a white-nationalist haircut something that is business oriented and professionally acceptable? First, you couldn't shave your head because you'd be called as a Nazi. Now if you have a clean cut hairdo, then you're a white nationalist. Can liberals please explain to us what exact haircut for white people is acceptable? How about the mushroom head bowl cut?

There are occasional sightings of Christmas sweater–wearing black people, but they exist only to cheer on the dreams of the white leads, and everyone on Trump’s naughty list—Muslims, gay people, feminists—has never crossed the snowcapped green-screen mountains to taint these quaint Christmas villages. 

Muslims don't celebrate Christmas, so it doesn't make sense to make a Christmas movie with Muslims. Hallmark knows their target audience and gays, and feminists are likely not on the list of people to provide entertainment too. Feminists also probably dislike Christmas. I thought feminists declared mistletoe a horrible thing and said it promotes the rape culture, so putting them in a Christmas movie makes no sense. I do like the mention of the people who don't ever get to cross the green-screen mountains. That part was relatively hilarious.

In 2017, the network is premiering 21 original Christmas movies (up from 20 last year)—42 hours of sugary, sexist, preposterously plotted, plot hole–festooned, belligerently traditional, ecstatically Caucasian cheer. 

That's great. If Hallmark wants to target their audience, which is probably white women, then that's what Hallmark should do. Showing the target audience what they want is how networks thrive.

Hallmark's biggest problem is that they make over-the-top cheeseball movies, but that's what they're good at accomplishing

Now spread some Christmas cheer out there, no matter what color you are.

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