Handmaid's Tale costume removed because people complain about everything


*** FREE TRUMP 2020 FLAG ***

Want to know what happens in 2018 when a company releases a "sexy" version of a Handmaid's Tale costume? A bunch of chicks complain about it, cry about rape culture, and then the costume gets removed. OK, so we can have costumes of serial killers and every other horrible thing, but some generic looking fake Handmaid's tale costume gets pulled because a few girls complain?

Can we call this bullshit or what?

I guarantee the girls who complained are fat, unattractive, or both.

Look, it's a fucking costume. Shut the fuck up about it. If you don't like it, then don't buy it.

2018 is the worst year ever. It's nothing but Tide Pod eating sensitive dumbasses ruining everything.

To be fair, in 2018, the sexy Handmaid's tale costume would probably be worn by a guy who thinks he's a woman.

You know, the dick hanging out at the bottom would be a real shocker.

$65 is also a little too much for a red cape looking thing that is probably made from extremely cheap fabric.