Hannity: Democrats in Trump carried districts are 'Cowards' and 'Frauds'

Fox News host Sean Hannity expresses his disappointment after House Democrats. These people who won seats in districts are being blamed for the ongoing impeachment case against current U.S. President Donald Trump. In his heartfelt speech, he labeled the officials "cowards" and "frauds."

The host is calling out Democrats for choosing to be loyal towards their party's leadership rather than be playing an active role for the sake of their constituents. 

This comes after the House Judiciary Committee voted to adopt to articles of impeachment against the current president. This ends the three-day session that the Republicans have dubbed as "kangaroo court" Hannity expressed his disappointment, as he knows that the president was the one who carried in the 2016 Friday Night. 

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He accused the 31 House Democrats of lying to the public in order to be where they are now. 


"[Impeachment] could all come to an end right now if these 31 ... self-described moderates, they ran as moderates, weren't standing in the way"

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"They represent the districts that President Trump won and in some cases by big margins. Almost none of them willing to go up for their own constituents. We hear maybe eight might break away. Now, sadly, these cowards are ready and willing, they're willing to walk the plank for Nancy Pelosi, AOC, the squad."

"In order to get elected, that means they had to lie to the voters and pretend to be independent-minded, rational leaders. But now you, we the people... we know the truth. These lawmakers, none of them are moderates."

"They're all frauds. Almost all of them supporting the most vague, the weakest, politically motivated two articles of impeachment"


The impeachment trial is set to continue with the two articles accepted by the House Judiciary Committee. 

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