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Harvard lowers standards to accept social justice warrior David Hogg

Social justice warrior David Hogg, famous from the Parkland shooting, has finally been accepted to a college after many have denied him entry due to his low SAT scores and poor performance in high school academics. Harvard University has accepted David Hogg who will major in political science. This means Harvard must have lowered their standards to allow someone with a much smaller capacity to perform at an academic level just to appease his social justice nonsense. Letting David Hogg into Harvard is like allowing mentally retarded kids into state colleges knowing they can't perform academically, but you don't want your school to be called out for discrimination.

Hogg is being called out because his SAT scores are lower than what Harvard usually accepts. Let's just point this out that SAT scores are pointless and have always been a money grab. One test score does not come close to four years of report cards in high school. Showing growth and performance over a four year period should always be weighed more than one single test. When looking at a student and the value they will bring to the university, you have to imagine that half of the country hates this guy and it's probably not a good idea to admit him. Using his low SAT scores as reason for rejection would have sufficed.

Harvard's reputation will likely suffer from this because of the amount of people who find the girly-armed pencil neck poser to be one of the most annoying people on the planet. If Kathy Griffin was a teenage boy who weighed 110 lbs, she would be David Hogg. Both Trump-haters with not too many skills and a mental capacity to always sound like an idiot.

I know a few lacrosse players who went to Harvard. They're well spoken, respectful, hard-working, and grew up in homes where discipline and hardwork were the stones of their foundation. David Hogg is a kid who milks the internet by hating Trump and guns. If there was no Trump, there would be no David Hogg - keep that in mind! If Obama was president during the Parkland shooting, then these kids wouldn't have half the reputation or followers they have now.

Harvard is a top school in America and when it lowers the academic requirements to admit a social justice warrior, then we know Harvard is no longer a school people should seek to attend.

Is Harvard racist? Because there was probably 1,000 black and Asian students who are smarter and waiting for the phone call to give those kids the dream of their life.

There's a good chance that David Hogg is a virgin and will be the only college student in history to remain a virgin throughout all four years, if he even makes it past the first semester.

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