Heartbroken man wants sex doll that looks like his ex-wife

The story that we are going to present you here, reminded us somehow one of the episodes of "Black Mirror" British TV Series. Just like this TV show, this one is also all about breaking boundaries of technology and soul, passion and love, and what we can still consider as a human and what not.

If you ever fall in love with someone or were in longtime relationship, you already know how painful breakups can be. Especially if you lived with your soulmate for 35 years, like the guy (that wants to stay anonymous) from our story. After said 35 years, on one sad day, his wife told him that she doesn't love him anymore, and she just left him. That made our hero totally devastated.


But if his wife doesn't love him anymore, it doesn't automatically mean that he can't love her... or at least the perfect image of herself. So, our guy, that wants to go by a nickname "bereft" decided to order some perfect doll that would resemble him his lovely wife. He announced it on some website (HushHush to be exact), claiming that "the money is not an issue" in this case.

Back then, decades and centuries ago, when relationships broke up, sentimental people simply kept belongings of their ex-partners. They've been doing it to stare at them, to touch them, to smell them. If they still had a heart for it, of course. But this guy simply wants a perfect imagination of his ex-wife in the form of a doll. As he says, he doesn't actually need it for sexual purposes, but more likely just to "snuggle up as close as possible to it".

As for now, no company decided to take his offer. But our "bereft" is kind of persistent and says that he can provide as many photos of his ex-wife as possible, just to make a perfect doll.


What's your opinion on it? Do you think that there will be more and more people like this one in the near future? Speak up your mind!

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