Here's what you need to know about fact checkers on Facebook

There's a lot of misinformation going on about fact checking on Facebook, so here's a few of those points and claims discussed so you know what's really going on.

Facebook does not fact check you.

Facebook does not do any of the fact checking. The fact checks are done by third party independent outlets like AP, Lead Stories, etc. Fact checks have been done on memes and news links. The best thing we can do is to stop posting fake or misleading information. Check your memes and make sure they're legit. If they're just a meme for comedy purposes, then say that so you don't get targeted. If you run a Facebook page based on humor and comedy, then make that clear in your posts.

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Who would post a fake meme? Well, there's a difference between a meme/cartoon that's made in jest vs a meme that's purposely misleading - like the ones including fake quotes or stats that are out of context or purposely misleading to get shares for one political candidate or the other.

If it's news or politics related, then CHECK it before posting it.

If you ever get fact checked, then you're able to file an appeal on it after corrections are made and the violation is usually removed. Just don't ever delete the post you get a violation on, because then the fact checker can't update the violation or remove it for you. Many people don't realize we can do this, but we can, and the process is very simple.

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Facebook does not censor people.

Facebook is likely hoping people post more factual, informative, and useful information and they are lowering the value of fake news, clickbait, and sensational content. From what I've seen over the years, I would not call this censorship, but instead it's a way to weed out the low quality content in favor of posts that are actually readable and worth sharing.

This is actually a good thing because fake news, clickbait, and sensational content belongs in a dumpster anyway.

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Technically, you're not being censored, but if you're posting low quality content, then it's going to appear less in people's news feeds.

Think about it - how many times have you seen a terrible headline like this "BOMBSHELL REPORT - blah blah blah blah blah" and you get to the story and there's literally NO bombshell report. It's just a generic story that no one really cares about and to make it worse, there's like 20 ads loading on the page and you can't even find the story. That is what Facebook is trying to get rid of. They don't want it on their platform and neither should you.

Come on now, how many "bombshell reports" are there really? Literally none.

So in technical terms, Facebook is not censoring people, but they may be giving more reach to the high quality content over the sensational clickbait garbage.

This has been outlined for years in Facebook's very own newsroom link where they explain how they're lowering the reach for low quality content and fake news. This is nothing new.

So why are people complaining about Facebook?

The people complaining about Facebook are the people who refuse to improve their quality, provide better content, and think the old ways of writing content still works. Well, it doesn't work. As times change, so does the need for quality content and the content quality metrics have gone up. Facebook wants legit information posted on their platform. They don't want the trash content with tons of ads, copy/pasted stories, generic opinion columns with no info, etc.

The people who keep complaining about Facebook simply refuse to provide a better experience for YOU, the readers.

If you spend time complaining about Facebook, but won't upgrade the quality of content you're providing to your audience, then you're really the problem - not Facebook.

Trends and quality evolve over time and right now, we need to be on TOP of our game and give readers, friends, and fans the BEST and most high quality content we can find.

Instead of writing some generic opinion blog post with a SHOCKING title, how about just telling the reader exactly WHAT happened? Why do we need to say every little thing is shocking, when it really isn't?

Is Fact Checking good or bad for social media?

Well, it's fine. It's good because the people who constantly shared fake and misleading news are appearing in your newsfeed less. This allows the high quality content to appear more and get YOU the reader the most accurate or high quality content available.

What I don't like about fact checking is if you get a violation, then your reach might be reduced. What I think needs to happen is when you get a violation, and have the correction made, that your reach goes back up. We're human, so we do make mistakes and sometimes new information comes out after a ...

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