Trump Derangement Syndrome was in full swing as a group of fascist far-left liberals showed up to an event they weren't invited to, just because it was being held by people on the far-right. 

ANTIFA keeps showing up to bother people and it usually ends up in a fight. This time they brought weapons, hurled things at people, and police had enough of their nonsense and arrested almost two dozen of them.

It's about time that the police started locking them up because they're a sick menace to society and they don't even see how intolerant and psychotic they are being. They're violent, aggressive, and disgusting. Also, most of the girls who join this ANTIFA group are butt-ugly and the guys look like they touch themselves in their mother's basement. Had they spent more time doing something productive, then maybe they wouldn't be such losers out there getting arrested for starting fights.


Some people were upset that the Berkeley police released the names and mugshots, because they felt like the police were shaming the ANTIFA goons. Oh well. That's what they get for running around dressed like idiots and trying to fight people. If the far-right group has an event and you don't like it, then too bad. It's their right as an American to do whatever they want. If the ANTIFA have an event, then that's their right to do so. It works both ways and everyone should stay away from each other.

Posted on August 8, 2018 in Political Warzone and filed under police, antifa, funny.
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