Hey Charlie Kirk, You Need To Chill Out Bro

Ever see that guy Charlie Kirk on social media? Well, he really needs to chill out with his fake outrage and stop posting misleading tweets. He recently posted a misleading tweet about Bernie Sanders that got a lot of Conservatives fact checked and penalized. He also posted a tweet acting like he was mad about Donna Brazile telling Ronna McDaniel to "go to hell" and this honestly is making us all look bad.

Kirk mislead people with a tweet about Bernie Sanders' tax rate and tied it to minimum wage, making some people believe that Sanders wanted to tax minimum wage 52%.

That was completely inaccurate. Bernie Sanders wants to tax people 52% if they make $10 million or more. Still stupid, but we don't need to mislead anyone with little inaccuracies.

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Here's the point - it's Bernie F-cking Sanders and you don't need to mislead anyone about him. The guy runs on a socialism agenda and that sucks so much you don't need to lie or mislead anyone on it. It's socialism guys, it ain't gonna work and we don't even need to make things up about it.

Why is this tweet even worse? Well, a lot of people retweeted it or screenshot it to use on other platforms and got fact checked. So out of all the people who got fact checked, some of them were actually penalized or labeled as partly false and can no longer reach as much of their audience.

That's bad because people on the same side of politics as Kirk are publishing content by him and now getting penalized by it.

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If there's one thing we should not ever do, it's publish false or misleading info, especially when it's about Bernie Sanders, a guy running on socialism and we can just laugh at him over that.

Here's what Kirk said:

"Facts: Bernie wants a $15 minimum wage That would mean a gross salary of $31,200 for a 40 hr. work week But he wants to tax anyone making above $29,000 a year 52% That would make gross salary $14,976—$288/week $288 divided by a 40 hour work week—$7.20/hour Socialism Sucks."

Kirk said about Brazile, "Unhinged: Former DNC Chair Donna Brazile just told the

@GOPChairwoman to go to hell—TWICE live on air If a Republican did this to a Democrat operative they would be yanked from air immediately Why is the left free to be as rude and vulgar as they want all the time?"

Bro - do you remember that we literally call liberals names all the time? Do you remember that we accuse any Democrat of having a different opinion of suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome? Do you remember that our own president mocks people all the time?

I do.

And I ain't gonna sit here and act like Donna Brazile saying "go to hell" is something to be mad or outraged about it. Who cares?

I've said a lot worse. We all have. And if anyone is actually mad about this, then they are lying like a rug.

To sit here knowing that people on the right constantly mock people on the left, and our president does the same, means we are not going to sit here and act pretend-mad over some lady telling Ronna McDaniel to "go to hell."

If you're mad about this, then you're not being honest with anyone - you're just posting on social media to act mad and call her out. We can call out Donna Brazile, sure - but let's not act like we don't say similar things on our own. That's called being a fake.

Let's get our sh*t together, post more accurate memes, and not be part of the fake outrage that we see so many people do - and know it's all fake.

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