Hillary Clinton emerges with a new look that raises questions

Hillary Clinton has emerged with a new look and some people think the pictures are photoshopped. Make no mistake, I thought the same thing. I thought to myself - she's 72 and had bags under her eyes, where did they go?

There's no way they magically went away. Well, it looks like that's possible.

Well, turns out those bags went somewhere!


I found the original source and photographer and Hillary Clinton's new look is 100% real!

Clinton's new look photos were on an article by the Daily Mail who talks about how she has no longer has bags under her eyes at the age of 72.

Daily Mail posted this:

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Her glowing skin was noticeably smoother and her cheeks more defined than earlier in the week, when she spoke at the Jewish Labor Committee's Annual Human Rights Awards Dinner in the city on Monday.

Aesthetic expert Dr Ross Perry, founder of www.cosmedics.co.uk, said Hillary has been 'genetically blessed' with good skin - but claimed it could also be a result of Botox, injectable dermal fillers and Blepharoplasty.

'Hilary Clinton looks fantastic and I would suggest this is down to regular tweakments and procedures over the years, which appears less noticeable than having dramatic work done all in one go.

'Her forehead looks particularly smooth, which would suggest Botox has been administered in the forehead, frown line and around the eye area, as there appears to be minimal crows feet.

'For someone of 72, I'd expect to see a more furrowed brow with extensive creasing and lines around the eyes.'

Dr Perry added that he suspects Hillary may have had Blepharoplasty, a procedure in which excess skin above the eye is removed.

Even better, the source photographer is listed as the talented Bruce Gilkas, who also placed his photos of the former first lady on a website called Wire Image. You can see Bruce's full set at the source link and maybe print them out for a poster for one of your pals! (haha funny idea, right?)

On WireImage, it said about the one photo, "Exclusive Coverage NEW YORK, NEW YORK -DECEMBER 12: (EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE) Hillary Clinton poses... Bruce Glikas"

Here is another photo of Hillary Clinton and it does not look nearly as smooth as the newer pics.

So honestly, what's really going on here?

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