Hillary Blames White People for Her Losing the Election

Hillary Clinton said in an interview with CBS's Jane Pauley that she had absolutely no concession speech and felt like she let everyone down. She went on to name numerous reasons for her election loss including millions of white people.  Spoken like a true politician, she implied this by saying that Donald Trump's success can be attributed by referencing things to give people hope and comfort to millions of white people who were upset that others had made substantial gains. 

She was cut off by Pauley who tried cutting through the politician style wording and asked for clarification that she was essentially blaming white people.  Hillary paused and then clearly confirmed that, yes, she meant white people.  Millions of white people who voted for Donald Trump caused Hillary to lose.


She assured the viewers that she is doing well, despite the unimaginable loss to Trump.  She noted that she was shocked and saddened by the unforeseen loss, but she is not deterred, complacent, or resolved about what went down.

She has a long list of excuses as to why she lost the election to include white people for one, Russian hackers, FBI Director James Comey, a divisive battle with Bernie Sanders and the go-to excuse of her gender.  She elaborated that stereotypes, sexism and misogyny played a key factor into why people could not imagine a female president.

It is noteworthy to mention that during the presidential campaigns, her gender was rarely a significant part of her schtick.  But in the aftermath, at a time when she is looking for excuses, it's a handy excuse to use because it hits home to the female population as a whole and makes them wonder.

Hillary Clinton is already on the receiving end of jokes from late night television hosts for the irony of her planning book signing events in the Greak Lakes and Midwestern states that were key to her election loss.

Clinton was most critical of James Comey and his timing of releasing the facts about ServerGate in which her private e-mail server doings were revealed in detail.

She admits that the use of a private e-mail server at her home was not smart but singled out Comey of tarnishing her image and called his decisions rash.

She admitted that one of her biggest mistakes was the comment she made about putting coal miners out of work and that she regretted that statement the most.  She also noted that her expensive paid speeches to Wall Street banks did not look good for her either.

I am confident that being an alleged felon and pathological liar had nothing to do with her loss.