Hillary Clinton promoted her book "What Happened" and made a stunning announcement in the process. She was talking with the "Woman's Hour" of BBC Radio 4 and that's where she said the words that every Trump supporter might enjoy, but every Democrat might despise. Hillary Clinton announced that she will not run for President in 2020. Right wingers are rejoicing and left wingers are probably crying or preparing a protest.

That's both great news and bad news at the same time. It's great news because I don't think she would make a good first woman President based on how many scandals and nonsense she's been involved in. It's bad news because now President Trump or whomever Republicans run in 2020 will actually have to try to win. If Hillary ran for President, then it would be an easy victory for almost any Republican running against her. Now there might be some competition.

Hillary stated to BBC Radio 4 that she wouldn't run for President in 2020, but then reiterated the fact that she would use her voice to speak out against Donald Trump.

Trump really wanted her to run again. 

Clinton really thought she was going to win the election of 2016, but that shows how out of touch she really was in regards to relating to her voters. Had she campaigned in states that made a difference, then maybe the outcome would've been different.

Then again, many states who previously voted Democrat had switched the course of their politics to vote for Republicans, which for many reasons is a better option. For example, Democrats pander to poor people struggling in poverty, win elections, and then don't ever help the poor people. The poor people who vote for Democrats ALWAYS stay poor. Does that ring a bell to anyone?

2020 is a few years away, so there's still time for Hillary Clinton to change her mind and run for President. For now, I think this is all her way of marketing her book and whatever else she might sell to people - like Uranium or $14,000 Armani jackets.

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