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Hillary Clinton Says Most Stupid Thing Possible About Bill Clinton

Hillary Clinton talked about Bill Clinton's troubles in the White House and then said the most stupid thing she could've said. She was trying to poke at President Trump's Twitter addiction but her joke completely backfired and now critics are laughing uncontrollably. 

Bill Clinton did a lot of things as President and Hillary tried cracking the joke comparing him to Trump. Her joke was that Bill Clinton wasn't Tweeting about things whenever he had trouble in the White House. She claimed that he just went to work and got things done. If stuffing a cigar in an intern is getting things done, then, by all means, she is correct. However, the joke doesn't stop there. The big part of her gaffe is that Twitter wasn't out when Bill Clinton was in office, so there's no way he could've Tweeted anyway. There was no Twitter. None. Nothing. Nada.

“He didn’t tweet about it, he went to work about it, and he actually got things done,” Hillary noted, which got a loud round of applause. Twitter, of course, didn't exist in the 1990s when Clinton was president. It was founded in 2006.

Hillary Clinton: Bill "didn't tweet" about his problems in the White House https://t.co/Zlj8v2aiTz pic.twitter.com/YJvUEKIUCl

— Washington Examiner (@dcexaminer) November 19, 2017



Isn't that something?

Good job, Hillary.

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