Hillary Said Her Skin Crawled During Debates, Calls Trump a 'Creep'

Hillary Clinton, runner up to the 2016 election, said that her victorious opponent, President Donald Trump, made her skin crawl during debates and called him a creep. It's as though she's suggesting that he followed her or stepped into her personal space, hovering about her aura, but conflicting videos and photographs consistently show Clinton stepping in Trump's so-called area upon the debate stages.

Hillary's comment calling Trump a creep might not be inaccurate, but coming from her it's not exactly convincing either. Hillary's husband, Bill Clinton, has been mentioned in rape accusations and had an affair with intern Monica Lewinsky. If there's a creep looming about, then it might be her own hubby.

Hillary Clinton said her “skin crawled” as Donald Trump loomed behind her at a presidential debate in St. Louis, and added that she wished she could have pressed pause and asked America, “Well, what would you do?”

The words, Clinton’s most detailed public comments about what happened during one of the campaign’s more memorable moments, are included in her new book, “What Happened,” which she called an attempt to “pull back the curtain” on her losing bid for the presidency.

Some of the moments during the campaign, she said, “baffled” her. Others seemingly repulsed her: In recounting the October incident, she referred to Trump as a “creep.”

Hillary sounded well in the debates, often sounding more professional than Trump - but she's a seasoned veteran of politics and he's not. No one should've expected Trump to sound political, but they should've expected him to sound like himself - which he did. Sounding like one's self, instead of the predicted or expected "political voice" is more respectable than putting on a facade of lies or calling someone else a creep.

With Trump winning the Presidency in 2016, we can expect more juicy information from Hillary Clinton to slowly surface like a slow moving fart and stink just as much.

If there's any skin crawling, it's the other secrets she has in that wormy closet of skeletons that we can't wait to see opened.

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