Hirono accused of 'looking the other way' as Dem Senator forced intercourse on hairdresser


Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) may want to pack her bags and take a little vacation because this huge skeleton just fell out of a 1992 closet and is about to put a huge dent in her reputation.

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If you recall, Hirono was very outspoken when it came to now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh and the sexual misconduct accusations he faced from Christine Blasey Ford and a few others who turned out to be not credible, nor have real witnesses, or anyone at all who could corroborate any of the accusations against Kavanaugh.

But Hirono was very vocal in going after Kavanaugh and she also used the incident with Kavanaugh to send fundraising emails, a tactic that many criticized as abusing her platform and the situation.

As vocal as Hirono was, even though the allegations didn't produce any results against Kavanaugh, it might have been refreshing to see someone fight so vehemently for women who claim they were victims.

That wasn't the case many years ago when Mazie Hirono remained silent after a hairdresser was on audio tape confessing that she was forced into nonconsensual intercourse and the victim of numerous gropings by then-Democratic Senator Daniel Inouye.

Her name is Lenore Kwock and her name should ring a bell to Sen. Mazie Hirono, even though she refused to speak up about the allegations and refused to be as vocal for Kwock as she was for Christine Blasey Ford.

Details from a 1992 New York Times article provided more insight on accusations against Inouye, who passed away in 2012.

And so when this war hero, this influential committee leader who brings home the bacon, this icon in Hawaii's powerful Japanese-American community was hit with allegations of sexual misconduct shortly before his November re-election, Senator Inouye's colleagues and constituents were confounded by what to say and do.

The accusations, which the 68-year-old Senator has called "unmitigated lies," were made by his hairdresser of the last two decades, when she was led by an opposition campaign worker with a hidden tape recorder into telling a story of nonconsensual intercourse 17 years ago and persistent gropings in years since.

While few public figures here impugned the 40-year-old hairdresser, Lenore Kwock, neither did they raise their voices in curiosity or censure of Mr. Inouye. In large measure, political, civic and business leaders chose guarded silence, which some of them attribute to fear that the party machine, which controls nearly all state and Federal positions and programs here, might derail their careers or strip their projects of government money.

John Fund of the National Review ran an amazing story on this as well. He shattered Hirono's ego by reminding her that it only mattered in her backyard when it was helpful, but not when it would be hurtful to her political party. He pointed out that Hirono was guilty of turning a 'blind eye' when someone of the Democratic Party was engaging in sexual misconduct.

When the Wall Street Journal editorial page pointed out that her statements suggest that the “new American standard of due process will be the presumption of guilt,” she went further. Appearing on CNN on Sunday, Hirono said that Kavanaugh’s basic integrity had been undermined, in her eyes, during his confirmation hearings:
He’s very outcome-driven, he has an ideological agenda, and I can sit here and talk to you about some of the cases that exemplify his, in my view, inability to be fair.
In other words, Kavanaugh was less believable in her eyes because of what she assumed his political views were.
She even went on to imply that the mere allegation against Kavanaugh, even without any evidence to support it, had already damaged his credibility beyond repair:
We already have one person who got to the Supreme Court under this cloud. We shouldn’t have another.
It would be too easy to suggest that Hirono was flirting with McCarthyism in her brazen comments. She is actually flirting with medieval standards of justice, when those in power arbitrarily decided who was telling the truth and who was a traitor.
In Senator Hirono’s case, she had the opportunity to choose sides in the 1990s when credible allegations were made that Daniel Inouye, then a Democratic senator representing Hawaii, had engaged in a pattern of sexual assault.

Then Senator Daniel Inouye was given a Medal of Honor by President Bill Clinton in the year 2000. What a strange picture to look at after all the accusations that both men have found themselves at the center of.


Not only did Sen. Mazie Hirono remain silent, but so did many others on the Democratic party. They didn't want to lose their power.

Technically, those who remained silent allowed a hairdresser to be forced into nonconsensual intercourse and be groped.

They would not stand up for her because there was too much power and too many jobs to lose if there was any backlash.

Why didn't Lenore Kwock deserve the same treatment that Democrats gave Christine Blasey Ford?