His mugshot went viral for the completely wrong reason


This man's mugshot has become famous. His name is Murad Mansurovich Kurbanov and he was arrested and charged with theft of a rental vehicle, failed to stop at the command of police, and was allegedly doing some reckless driving according to Fox News.

No one really cared about that when they saw his mugshot and could not believe he was only 19-years-old. That's right folks, he's 19-years-old and you're going to call me fake news because you don't believe it either.

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If the Big Neck Guy's mugshot wasn't enough to keep you happy, then here's a new treat for ya!

Of course his mugshot sparked some social media frenzy, with people joking about how he does not look 19 at all. It's almost like he's a walking talking Benjamin Button getting older by the minute instead of younger.

“Where's the 19 yr old?? I only see the 40 yr old,” one person commented. 
“If that dude is 19 then I’m 12,” another person wrote. 
Another wrote: "This dude really makes me feel good about being in my 40's". 
As of Thursday morning, the post had generated more than 650 comments. 
One user also admitted they were only there for the comments. 

This is why I fucking love the Internet.

They are fierce. They are funny. They are awesome.