History Repeats Itself


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I heard on several of the talk shows the host asking a question similar to: “Why would people leave liberal states for conservative states and then vote in the same disastrous policies they left?”  I am certain they did not leave these liberal paradises to get away from liberal policies, but to spread them to the conservative states.

I would like to relay a story from a WWII veteran named Willie.  He was conscripted by the German Army into the Spanish Contingent along with his brother Pablo.  They were both sent to the Easter Front to relieve the German soldiers.

Willie was a very smart man.  He watched the Russian guide and did as he did.  When the guide ran beside the slow moving truck so did Willie. Willie dressed like the guide breaking uniform dress code. It was a combat zone so nobody got too excited.

He had noticed that on occasion there would be a Russian Soldier deserting the front lines going west. The German army was pushing east so they let these “Deserters” go. The thought was one less soldier to deal with.  These deserters became a real problem for the German Army.  They banded together to sabotage the extending supply lines to the front.  Fewer of the supply caravans got to the German soldiers deeper in Russian territory.

I relay this story as a cautionary tale.  I see a lot of migrants coming into Europe from North Africa and large caravans of the same heading north from South and Central America to the United States.  What if these people are not fleeing their countries to get away from socialism but to spread it to the US.

There are cities and parts of cities in the US and European countries that are now for all practice purposes occupied territories.  Detroit has whole sections that are now mostly inhabited by Arab and North African Migrants.  The people in these neighborhoods are not assimilating into the American culture.  They are keeping their ways from the countries they left.  There are groups of migrants pooling their money to buy commercial buildings with established small business.  These new owners raise the rents to the point that the original business have closed down.  New migrant owned business then replace them.

This is similar to the Russian deserters in WWII.  They were not deserters. They were soldiers using the blind spots of the Germans to get behind them so they could attack the supply lines depriving the German soldiers of necessary supplies such as food and ammunition.  I see the immigrants in various cities doing a similar thing.  Use the blind spot of the local populace to gain economic and political superiority.  Drive out the non migrants.

With suitable population numbers, they can vote in a block to change the make up of the local politicians.  This is being done all over the country.  People in liberal states are moving to conservative states to effect the local elections which then effect the state elections.  Liberals move into small to medium size towns; sometimes large cities such as Denver, and take over the city and county government.  Sending representatives to the state legislature.  When enough of these liberal representatives have arrived in the legislature they start to make liberal view changes to policies.  With a majority in the State houses they can change the voting maps to benefit one political party. The can change the policies of the state to a more liberal vent.  Making sanctuary cities friendly to undocumented aliens and passing other liberal changes.

I have seen this in the state of Colorado.  There are very few democratic counties in the state.  Most of the state is squarely in the Republican camp.  The most populace area of the state are very liberal.  Denver, Boulder and Ft Collins in the north.  The majority of the state’s population lives in this relatively small area.  They vote as liberal democrats in most elections.  There has been an influx of people from California.  Many of these people are liberals.  They still vote liberal.  So the question comes to mind why would they leave liberal California for conservative Colorado, and then vote for the same liberal policies they left?  What if they left California for Colorado to make Colorado another liberal state?  

Tell the people you can have all of this free stuff if you elect us.  The thing that is not mentioned is someone will have to pay for the free stuff.  This is usually the working middle class.  The upper class have the option to move when taxes get to high.  The lower class working poor are too busy working to survive.  So the middle class shrinks as more strict regulation kill jobs and capital is moved to other states or countries.  Then the sound bytes will come fast and furious about some mythical enemy who is responsible for all of the woes of the country.  The people will hear the message so many times; it will become the truth.  Facts will be disregarded that do not support the Narrative.  

Hyperbolic speeches will rally the people against the mythical enemy of the people.  We can see it happening today in the Mass Media.  They replay certain stories relentlessly. While other stories not supporting the narrative hardly get ant attention.

I am not a tin foil hat conspiracy theory person.  I like to keep an open mind on things.  When I see a trend I like to use reason and common sense to deduce the purpose for people actions.  To escape a place and then make the new place the same as the old is counter intuitive to me and I believe most people.  If they are wanting to spread their liberal beliefs to a new conservative area then their actions make perfect sense.  Bring is a large number of people have them infiltrate the political machines of the state and then enact the liberal agenda.  This has worked in many areas of the country and I might add the rest of the world.